One can only wonder how a company known for great tea, could sell such a great tasting soup. Lipton has been providing tasty soup to customers since the 1990’s, with its onion soup mix among consumer favorites. Manufactured by the Unilever company, which owns many of today’s popular products, Lipton soup is now being sold under the Knorr’s brand name. Lipton, once known only for it’s teas was created by a humble grocer, Thomas Lipton. He packed teas for many years until coming to the U.S. in 1893 and being knighted to Sir Thomas Lipton by Queen Victoria. She loved his teas so much, that he got immediate recognition, which came with ultimate success. Unilever, a company who owns many well known brands on the market, acquired Lipton in 1972. When the tea business stopped booming, Unilever expanded the scope of the business to include soup, beverages, and other foods. Lipton soup is now sold under Knorr’s, one of the many brands owned by Unilever. Customers everywhere use Lipton soup coupons to buy this great tasting soup everyday.

Types of Lipton Soup Coupons

Knorr’s Lipton soup is very popular, as customers can choose among more than twenty different soups. There are three different kinds of soup available, and each includes something for every taste. Lipton soup’s varieties include:
1. Cup of Soup
2. Noodle Soup
3. Recipe Soup
Lipton’s cup of soup is great for on the go meals. It comes in a sturdy styrofoam bowl which can be microwaved or prepared with boiling water. It is available in chicken noodle and vegetable varieties, as well as tomatoes with croutons and cream chicken. The noodle soup is available in chicken, beef and tomato vegetable with chicken noodle soup having a low sodium option. Lipton’s recipe soup is among the most popular of all the soups, as it includes the ever popular onion soup mix. There is also savory herb and garlic in addition to onion roasted garlic recipe soups. Who says a tea company can’t make soup? With Lipton soups being among the most popular dehydrated soup mixes on the market, expanding its horizons was a very good choice for the company.

Where to Find Lipton Soup Coupons

With so many customers who simply love their soups, Knorr allows customers to sign up for newsletters, which may include coupons. However, if you would like instant coupons for Lipton soup, simply do a search using one of the popular search engines. Using the term “Lipton soup coupons” you will find an array of coupon websites which will lead to printable coupons. Also, if you prefer to make your purchases online, many of these sites provide coupon codes to enter when purchasing for money off. Other options for finding coupons include weekly inserts which come in the mail. You can also check your Sunday newspaper, as many manufacturers take this time to promote their products. This is because the notion is that many “head of households” who do the grocery shopping, often read the sunday’s paper. Magazines are another way you may luck upon a coupon for one of your favorite products, and Lipton soup is no exception. So before going out to buy your next box of Lipton soup, be sure to check your resources for coupons. Saving money on a great tasting soup, seems to make it taste even better.